Bright appearance thanks to shiny hair

Bright appearance thanks to shiny hair

Who does not know them? People who enter the room and immediately attract all eyes. Who seem to be surrounded by a certain glow that illuminates every place they are in. People who are present in an unobtrusive way and who radiate great sovereignty and attractiveness precisely because of this.

What is the reason for this? What do these people do differently?

First of all they are completely with themselves. They are not attached to the outside, but are at peace with themselves. They know their needs and take good care of themselves. They take responsibility and do not run through the world in a victim mode.

And: they always spoil themselves and do good to themselves.

You do not belong to this person? Never mind. You are only one decision away from changing direction!

In our salons we meet so many people, opinions and life plans on every new day. So many possibilities of how to find ways and solutions. There are, for example, those customers who come to us with a sense of destiny, convinced that they can do nothing about their dull, fine and fissy hair. And who are completely amazed at the effect the right care alone can have on their appearance and thus their self-confidence – if it is applied consistently.

From the very beginning, our vision has been to help people achieve more beauty and thus a self-confident, radiant life. To give them a feeling of security. It is the contribution that we and our great team make every day to make this world a better, brighter and also more joyful place.

It was clear to us right from the start that without the right care the path to truly beautiful hair will remain closed. No matter how much time and money you spend on coloring and cutting – your hair will only develop its full and long-term potential if it is consistently cared for with the right care.

In the last 25 years, we have not found a product on the market that has met our requirements. “There must be more to it than that”, we kept telling ourselves. And we decided to set out on our own to create a care range that would give us exactly the results we had been missing until then: to get the best out of every single hair.

All our knowledge, passion and love went into the products we developed.

With the patented “Authentic Caramel” series from the Authentic Twins Haircare range, we have succeeded in doing just that: a product range based on completely natural ingredients that optimally nourishes the hair. Instead of parabens, silicones, harmful oils or preservatives, the “Authentic Caramel” series convinces with luxurious essences like argan and prickly pear oil.

Especially the valuable prickly pear oil is increasingly playing a pioneering role in the cosmetics industry. It is currently still rarely found in the hair care sector. Which is amazing, because it is THE power substance for strong and shiny hair par excellence! Unbelievably productive in the application and fantastic in the result. Give it a try. And: be consistent!

Do I see results even if I only use individual components of the series?

Of course, you are already doing something good for your hair if you replace your current conditioner with the “Authentic Caramel” Conditioner, for example.

However, if you want to achieve real and long-term success and provide your hair with all-round care, we strongly recommend using the optimally coordinated products in series. Do not lose sight of your goal: long-lasting strong, shiny hair of any length, bright colors and a radiant appearance.

Celebrate the care of your hair!

Enjoy the way to an expressive, rich mane. It is a journey full of wellness experiences and luxurious time out. And whenever you want, because you have the products at home. Is there anything more beautiful?

Already the velvety-mild scent opens you directly the gates to your childhood and gives you a feeling of lightness and joy. By the way, you can let your hair safely grow long and keep the shine and radiance of your color like on the first day. Because it is repaired, nourished and literally laminated with every single wash and every single care.

Let yourself in for an A-hair experience of the special kind!

Especially in the pre-Christmas season we often ask ourselves what we could do good for our loved ones.

Wouldn't a real gift be the help for self-help?

Each and every one of us has people around us who are helpless or dissatisfied with their hair. For all these people you can be a Christmas angel and problem solver in one. By giving away a care series that brings volume, luminosity and shine.

For your loved ones. And for you.