Cut and color consulting in salon

Cut and color consulting in the salon

With favourite picture to the hairdresser

Photos of your desired hairstyle and color help immensely when it comes to making your hair dreams come true.

Because: every person has a different imagination and therefore lets different pictures arise in his head. In fact, nothing is more subtle than reality. We all live a little bit in different realities.

With hairdressers, there is usually an increased tendency to approach change more courageously because of their profession. This then also has an effect on the result. That’s why hairdressers love pictures – and on this basis, they are happy to advise which of them suit their own type. And is realizable.

And if the dream takes another turn?

A good hairdresser does not share every customer wish, but gives feedback, shows alternatives and gives individual advice. In addition, he or she has a knowledge advantage when it comes to hair. That’s why they are there, isn’t it? 

Your hairdresser knows what is possible with your hair, its structure and natural color. And matches it with your wishes. For example, if you have fast-growing hair and want a much lighter color compared to your natural tone, but only want to come to the salon every three months, he will advise you against a blatant change. Because these desired components will not lead to a satisfactory result. Point.

And the hair stylist you trust has another thing ahead of you: he knows why you look so great when you step out his door. He cares and pampers your hair, boosts it properly and styles it carefully. If we are honest, we never take as much time and style ourselves not nearly as lovingly as our hair professional does. But expect the same results. No wonder it doesn’t match, right?

So trust your hairdresser when he advises you against quick 3-in-1 care at home. He usually knows your hair better than you do and is very interested in you being happy with your style at home.