Very few women do not dream of it – the dream of long, full, radiantly healthy and well-groomed hair. But unfortunately, it is similar with exceptionally beautiful hair as with exceptionally beautiful people – very few are naturally blessed with absolute perfection.


With the right mindset, the right focus and the best beauty partners at your side, (almost) anything is possible nowadays. Let your dream of beautiful hair become reality – you are only one visit to one of our salons away.

What are extensions and for whom are they suitable?

The term hair extension (known as hair extensions) refers to various ways of extending and / or thickening your own hair. Extensions are therefore not only suitable for those of us who dream of a long mane, but also for those who want more volume. In some cases, shorter strands of hair are worked into the existing hair in order to support the top hair from below and to really “pad it up”. For more length, however, long strands of hair, which are as similar as possible to our natural hair, are worked into the lengths. The greatest demand is for a combination of hair extension and thickening.

If you also have the dream of a long, voluminous mane, it is definitely worth talking to your trusted hairdresser about how this can become true for you. Because in almost all cases it is possible to help you. If you have unusually thin hair, the professional may advise you not to have hair extensions to prevent you from breaking your hair due to the weight of the extra strands. Moreover, extensions in very thin top hair are difficult to hide. In this case, the professional will certainly think about alternatives and solutions together with you. An example of this would be to first work in a few sample strands to find out how stable your own hair really is.

There are so many different techniques - which ones are the best?

With Extensions applies: many ways lead to the goal. There are various methods to lengthen and/or thicken your own hair. We at HAARWERK work with two methods that we have tested and found to be very good tens of thousands of times: bonding extensions and tape extensions.

Bonding technique

In bonding extensions, your hair specialist applies many individual strands of hair to your hair with the help of keratin or plastic platelets, so-called “bondings”. The bonding method is considered to be the highest quality and most long-lasting method of hair extension, which lasts up to six months, depending on your own hair growth, the quality of foreign hair and care. Here, strand by strand is applied close to the roots using heat, ultrasound or air pressure. This leaves only very fine and flat joints between the own and foreign hair, which on the one hand creates an extremely natural appearance and on the other hand is a quality feature for the hairdresser and hair condition.

Tape-in technique

Tape extensions are currently the hottest variant of hair extensions, which we also like to wear ourselves. Not least because it is comparatively fast and above all, it is gentle on the hair. Here the hair is stuck between two hair tapes. This way an extremely durable, flowing and flexible connection of extensions and own hair is created. The danger of hair breakage or hair loss, such as during bonding, is just as much a thing of the past as a feeling of being disturbed when lying down. The durability of the tapes is two to three months, depending on the condition of the own and foreign hair, as well as the care. Which brings us to a central topic for all those interested in extensions: care.

Care, care, care

You guessed it – also and especially in the case of extensions care is the magic word par excellence. The durability of your hair depends directly on how much attention you give it. The following points must therefore be observed:

  • Tie your hair together at night (by the way, generally a good idea for the care of long hair).
  • Combs are taboo from now on. They could damage the connecting pieces between your own and other hair.
  • Use a special extension brush regularly to avoid tangling.
  • Use an extremely rich, high-quality care without parabens, silicones or even alcohol. Our care series Authentic Blonde and Authentic Caramel consist of 100 percent natural, high-end ingredients that optimally nourish and care for your hair.

Summer is just around the corner - will sun & sea water damage my hair?

Especially in view of the approaching spring and summer, we are often asked whether it is possible to go into the water with extensions. – Sure you can! The connection points of the extensions we use are mainly made of keratin, which is not water soluble and very resistant. So you can safely immerse yourself in the cool water after sunbathing. Just make sure to rinse your hair well after swimming and let it dry.

How long do extensions last?

High-quality extensions that have been incorporated using the bonding technique last up to six months. The durability depends largely on the speed of the own hair growth. Furthermore, rich care and of course the quality of the strands decide on the longevity of the result. Also therefore we work in all HAIRWERK salons exclusively with extremely high-quality materials.

How do you recognize high-quality extensions?

High-quality extensions are naturally made of human hair. They are so well matched to your own hair that it is practically impossible to tell them apart. You can recognize the professional training by the extremely flat and therefore practically invisible connecting pieces.

What does a professional hair extension in a salon cost?

If one follows the entries about extensions in the usual search engines, then also the price is again and again a criterion, which seems to flow into the decision for or against a hair extension. The costs vary depending on the wishes and the condition of the own hair. Lengths, strand types and strand length still play a central role, as well as the method by which the extensions are incorporated.

At the end of the day, in our experience, a hair extension and / or thickening is more a decision of the heart than an investment. So if you are thinking of turning your hair dream into reality, a team of highly motivated hair professionals and extension specialists is waiting for you in our salons, who can provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.

We look forward to accompanying you on the way to your most beautiful self!