Hair blow-dry, but correctly!

Hair blow-dry, but correctly!

Drying hair is still not one of the favorite activities of women in Germany. Hardly any other beauty discipline receives so little attention. In the popularity scale of beauty treatments, it even ranks below pedicure in winter. Why is that so? Because we always imagine blow-drying as a complicated, time-consuming process that we cannot integrate into our morning routine. Or want to. So at some point we have stored the following in our heads: Hair blow-drying is difficult, takes a long time and doesn’t last anyway. The question is: is this really the case?

We are competing today to convince all those wonderful women out there of the opposite.

After all, blow-drying makes all the difference between healthy and shiny hair and brittle and dull hair.

Hair blow-drying is an easy routine, if you follow a few tricks of the pro. Then it goes faster than you think and is even fun! And the best part? The styling holds perfectly – if technique and styling products are used correctly.

And now off to our Munich salon (as reported soon also the home of the coolest Blow Dry Bar in town!)

Have fun with a hairdryer tutorial in a class of its own. Made by HAARWERK. Made with love.

How to blow dry hair step by step

Before we do anything…

Let us first talk to our customers. About their wishes, worries and ideas. We analyze hair and skin type and discuss beauty goals and possibilities.

Then the transformation begins – with the right shampoo

The shampoo is a key factor for light, radiant hair with a blonde as if kissed by the sun. All of our customers are enthusiastic about our “AUTHentic Blonde” shampoo and the nourishing and color-enhancing long-term effect, which really gives power.

After washing

If the hair is not rubbed dry unlovingly, but gently moved into a towel and then combed carefully, strand by strand, from the tips slowly upwards to the roots. This procedure prevents us from pulling it too much.

The heat protection – guardian angel for the hair

Heat protection pays off, because in wet condition the hair is even more sensitive to heat than usual. It is available as spray, oil, cream, fluid and in many other variations. So you can surely find the right product for every taste. The guardian angel for the hair is applied to towel-dried hair and is the optimal preparation for the approaching blow dryer heat.

The temperature

Quickly set to full power and blow everything dry? Better not! Too much hot air damages the hair substance and makes the hair look dull and dull. Already from about 70 degrees the hair can be damaged by heat. A modern hairdryer, however, blows air up to 110 degrees against us. A commercial straightening iron even brings it to over 200 degrees. A nightmare for damp hair!

The brush

The combination of a high-quality hairdryer and the optimal hairbrush conjures up wonderfully straight hair. This should be pulled slowly through the hair during blow-drying, without pulling the hair too much.

The blow-drying direction

There is a persistent rumor in the minds of women in this country: blow-drying overhead for a lot of volume. So often quoted. So wrong. When drying against the direction of growth, the cuticle layer roughens up and makes the hair, which is already stressed when wet, unnecessarily brittle. Therefore always blow-dry from the roots to the ends. And never flatten from above. A high-quality styling product ensures great volume.

The styling

If the hair is slightly dried, the whole mane is not wildly twirled when blow-drying, otherwise firstly nodules and secondly a diffuse look threaten. Instead, each strand of hair is pulled over the brush again and again without pulling too much in length. Finally, a styling product is applied to give hold and shine and the look is finished.

By the way: if the hairdryer is used regularly, maximum care is a must. Conditioners and above all regular hair treatments are especially important if your hair is to look healthy and radiant in the long term.

And now?

Now you have the perfect tools for your home made styling at hand. Not so hard, is it? If you still have questions, just drop by and ask us.

And if you literally “run out of breath” and don’t feel like doing your own hair styling, our brand new Blow Dry Bar in Munich is the place to go for help. Guaranteed.

We are looking forward to meeting you!