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AUTHentic Blonde Shampoo

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AUTHentic Blonde Pearl Masque

Owner Haarwerk

I developed AUTHentic Blonde because I simply could not find a satisfactory blonde product myself. My expectations of a care product are very high. After four years of development together with a biologist in Italy, I am proud to finally stand with my name for this very innovative product line.

With subsequent great feel-good effect. Aesthetic, exclusive and lively, the BLOND color now reaches a whole new dimension.

Repaired – exclusive keratin proteins penetrate deep into the hair shaft to help repair hair damage and add shine. Moisturizes and protects. Argan oil and coconut oil moisturize the hair, seal the cuticle layer and protect the hair and make it smooth.

Gently brightening and calming – Lemon oil and frangipane give blonde hair and blonde highlights a radiant shine and at the same time have an antistatic and detangling effect.

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