Ceratin - hair wonder par excellence

Ceratin - hair wonder par excellence

Keratin. If you are interested in straight, strong hair, there is no getting around the term. And that is also a good thing. Because it is worthwhile to know the possibilities and mechanisms of action of this tiny yet powerful building block. And to use it.

What is keratin and what is it for?

It is like so often in life: everyone has heard it before, but few know what it is and what it can do.

At the end of the day, keratin is the stuff our hair is made of. Teeny tiny fiber proteins, i.e. proteins that make our hair resistant and elastic. Each individual consists of about 90 percent of the special protein molecules. The remaining ten percent is made up of water, minerals, pigments and natural fats, the so-called lipids.

Keratins form the inner and outer structure of the hair and help it to be as flexible as possible: without the body’s own substance, we could neither twist nor bend it.

But the best thing is: keratin makes us look wonderfully smooth and healthy. And this immediately after application. Bye-bye Frizz!

Permanently straight and shiny hair? In Keratin we trust!

Straight hair is a must-have for many of us when it comes to a classically beautiful, elegant appearance. They help us to look healthy, well-groomed and radiant wherever we are.

Unfortunately, after the hot summer, repeated coloring and the now predominant dry heating air, our hair is anything but smooth and radiant. That’s it with our glamorous appearance. – Right?

Not at all! Immediate salvation is approaching in the form of a keratin treatment in the hairdressing salon. Now, at the beginning of the cold season, is even a particularly good time to give your hair what it needs most urgently: a care that is as intensive as it is long-lasting, to help it get through the coming months well.

What actually happens during a keratin treatment and how does it affect my hair?

Once you arrive in one of our salons, you make yourself comfortable and look forward to what is coming next: relaxation for you, power for your hair.

After gentle cleansing and thorough drying, a cream enriched with high-quality keratin is applied to the hair strand by strand and massaged in. Then the hair is dry-dried and treated with a straightening iron.

Due to the high temperature during straightening, the active ingredient penetrates optimally into the structure and envelops each individual hair for the next three to five months. The effect: the hair remains permanently smooth. In addition, it is now much more resistant to frosty temperatures, dry air, straightening iron, etc. Keratin therefore makes our hair even more fit for the winter.

By the way, we at HAARWERK always compare the treatment with repairing a street: the structure is filled up, closed and straightened with immediate effect. More effect and care is impossible.

Charming side effect: less styling is required in the months following the treatment, as the hair remains naturally smooth and the keratin only washes out over the months.

Power-Boosting for my hair - that sounds like a lot of chemistry

Not at all! Keratin is the gentlest way to get our hair in top condition. The actual endogenous substance is only replenished to the structure from the outside.

A further central advantage of keratin treatments compared to chemical treatments is the possibility of dosing – and thus the smoothing effect:

the more intensively after the application is blow-dried and smoothed, the more sleeker the result becomes. If you want to keep your natural momentum, you simply go through your hair less often with the straightening iron. Thanks to keratin, every look is as unique as the customer who wears it.

Can I myself contribute to making the effect last as long as possible?

Absolutely. The longer the treatment lasts, the more lasting and regular the care routine in the home bathroom. Customers report again and again that our in-house care line provides their hair with optimal care after the keratin treatment and allows the effect to last longer than with other care products. No wonder – our products also contain keratin and are based on natural, paraben-free ingredients. Therefore they are the ideal complement to the keratin treatment in the salon.

And the best news at the end: a keratin treatment is suitable for every hair – whether thick or fine, natural frizzy, colored or graying. So everyone has the choice to say goodbye to one or the other bad hair day in the coming months or not.

After all, healthy, shiny and straight hair is one thing above all else at the end of the day: your own decision.