My most beautiful me. In line with the trend. Type appropriate.

My most beautiful me. In line with the trend. Type appropriate.

Blond does not suit everyone. Or does it?

It is one of those statements that we refute day after day: “Blond does not suit everyone.

In our opinion, the opposite is true: blonde is an absolutely versatile hair color that can make everyone shine. However, the decisive factor here is that it is type- and trend-compatible. And this is exactly where you recognize the professional. Because he succeeds in creating the optimal blonde tone for every head.

Do you love blonde? Then you can look forward to 2019 in particular. Because blonde has never been more multi-faceted than in the new year.

Type-appropriate. Trendy.

Not all blondes are the same. To strike the perfect note, we take a holistic view of you. Your hair structure as well as your individual style. Thick hair, for example, shines through a different blonde than its finer colleagues. The color is exactly the same as the cut: the structure determines the cut. And the tone. More precisely, your cut and your tone. Because you are the center of attention.

Our experts are trained in detail to find the optimal nuance for each structure. Everyone in our team works with the greatest dedication and know-how. We regularly hold training sessions in our salons. We will tell you which colors will play the leading role in the new year.

But shush…! Do not tell anyone yet.

Trend 1 - Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde belongs to the central trends in the hair business. New: the entire look is created in different, finest highlights and thus receives a warm, iridescent look.

Shimmer & Shine – that’s how our appearance in the new year will be. If these are not fabulous prospects!

Trend 2 - Low Lights

Also with the classic strands something is happening. Everything now revolves around the so-called low lights, this very fine, natural-looking look.

Natural Beauty is one of the big themes in the new year. Hair as kissed by the Somme with soft transitions and gradients. In addition to various blonde shades, the color selection also includes soft powder and mother-of-pearl nuances that act like a filter over your own hair color and always shimmer differently depending on the light. Very exciting, very en vogue, very artistic.

The effect of this elaborate technique: the hair adapts to every look and looks extremely elegant and stylish. With so much subtle finesse, we don’t have to add that real experts are needed when it comes to implementation – do we?

Blond is one of the absolute royal disciplines in the hairdressing trade. That should not be underestimated.

Trend 3 - Strawberry Blonde

A warm strawberry blonde is also one of the absolute highlights. Already announced as a pastel-powdery rosé in autumn 2018, it is now the center of attention. Not blonde, not red and always a little different over time. Gentle copper tones give your hair a warm summery touch and look elegant, stylish and self-confident.

The very brave among us might even dare to take a step towards the equally hip copper shades.

Trend 4 - Balayage becomes even more artistic

Balayage goes into the next round and with its feminine-soft transitions remains our trend accomplice in a smooth and uncomplicated way. The light reflexes are placed exactly where the fall of your hair demands it. It could not be more individual. More artistic as well.

That’s why the balayage look also requires the trained eye of a professional who knows exactly what he is doing. In 2019, more and more pastel parts will flow into artistic coloration techniques. This requires as much aesthetic flair as experience.

Trend 5 - Mother-of-pearl blonde

Perlmuttblond mutet jetzt mit pastelligen Lavendel- und Pfirsichnoten an. Haare, in die man sich versenken, tief einatmen und an den bevorstehenden Provence-Urlaub denken möchte. Perlmuttblond ist für alle diejenigen der Ton der Wahl, die sich auch in 2019 nicht so richtig mit warmen, satten, honiganmutenden Blondnuancen anfreunden mögen. Bleiben sie cool. Werden sie perlmutt.

Trend 6 - Soft Beige Blond

Soft beige blonde with nude touch makes us look relaxed, soft and young. The creamy soft nuance is a bit like a child’s hair. This makes us look extremely natural and flatters our complexion. The trend towards green and blue eyes is particularly suitable.

Well briefed is half colored

With so many exciting trends, we have a little tip for the next hairdresser briefing: it’s best to bring pictures of your desired look with you to make the consultation much easier. This will make a valuable contribution to your own hair dream.

And what if the result of the consultation is that the desired look in exactly this design does not suit you? Then only because a few other details will show your beauty to its best advantage. We promise you that. With us you have experienced partners at your side, who will work with you to make you look more radiant than ever.