Summer blonde drives away autumn blues

Sun-kissed hair and radiant blonde meets tanned skin: a real eye-catcher on summer vacation! But as soon as the summer days draw to a close and the four walls at home become everyday life again, the radiant blond easily takes on a yellowish touch and looks strained and porous. But don’t worry: We can help!

Long lasting summer blonde

Summer is over, the sun is no longer high in the sky and the salt has long since been rinsed from the hair. What remains is a full heart with nothing but beautiful memories. And unfortunately often dry hair. Especially blond women can quickly see the strains of sun, sea and salty air. How you can remedy the situation? Through lots of moisturizing, masks and a glossing in a HAARWERK salon in Munich or Berlin.

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Insider tips from the hair experts

There are a few hairy no-gos that should be avoided at all costs after the summer vacation. Even if we long for new, fresh and shiny hair: Refreshing your strands right after your vacation is not advisable. Your hair is immensely stressed by the sun exposure and sea salt and needs a rest. New strands would be an additional strain that would harm blond hair in particular. Our expert tip: Wait 3 to 4 weeks with new color effects on your hair.

SOS care for summer tired hair? Thanks to Glossing!

Nevertheless, you can beautifully refresh your hair with a HAARWERK visit, cover up regrowing gray roots and pamper your lengths and ends with a moisture boost. How to do it? With a glossing.

Behind the term glossing is a combination of deep conditioning and color elements that successfully mattifies and refreshes yellow-tinged hair. Yellow blonde and roughened tips are a thing of the past. Cool, autumnal blonde and fresh, healthy hair are once again part of your everyday hair routine. The glossing lasts 4 to 6 weeks and prepares the hair perfectly for a color treatment in one of our HAARWERK salons in Munich or Berlin.

Indispensable for the anti-yellow tinge after the summer vacation is the PEARL masque from our AUTHentic-Blonde care series. The combination of edelweiss, hyaluronic acid and natural oils makes the mask an absolute MUST-HAVE for a perfect & cool blonde tone. Thanks to the natural ingredients, it adds lots of protection and care to your hair. The result? Your hair is built from the inside out, resulting in a smooth, elastic and shiny texture and a classy, cool shade.

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