The 8 most important questions to your hairdresser

The 8 most important questions to your hairdresser

A glance at the calendar for the start of the week reminds us that the next visit to the hairdresser is due in a few days. For some a reason for joy, for others a happening that they look forward to with mixed feelings.

It is important in any case. Because: for us women, hair is much more than just an accessory, as it is often casually dismissed. It is an attitude towards life, a statement and an expression of our personality. For a fulfilled life full of well-being and sovereignty, optimal styling is an essential factor.

So if you belong to the first group – congratulations! For those who (still) belong to the second group: simply use the following questions as a checklist for your hairdresser on your next visit.
On the one hand you will quickly find out whether you are dealing with a master of his trade. On the other hand, make sure that this time you leave the salon beaming with joy. As the woman you really are: strong, beautiful, stylish.

ONE - How important is the preliminary talk?

You can either actually formulate this question, or you consciously pay attention to how much time your hairdresser allows you before he takes action. Of course – we hairdressers cannot spend an infinite amount of time weighing up the pros and cons of every trend in our discussions with customers. But it is essential for us to listen to our customers in advance, to pick them up where they are in their lives and to develop a feeling for the look that suits them and their everyday life. We do not wash, dye or cut before we meet them.

TWO - What hair structure do I have and what hairstyles can be created from it?

Sometimes you meet a woman at a party or on the net whose hairstyle makes you fall in love on the spot. “That’s exactly how I want it to look,” is your firm decision, which you openly admit to your hair professional. Unfortunately, however, this styling is based on thick, straight hair, whereas you were equipped with a light natural wave and a lot of hair, but tends to be rather thin.

What do you think would be the correct behaviour of your hairdresser? Correct guess! A professional hairdresser will always tell you what hairstyles he can do with your hair structure. In doing so he will come as close as possible to your ideal. His goal, however, is to optimize your individual beauty and to reduce your domestic effort in terms of styling to a feasible level. To achieve this, in addition to a holistic view of your person, you sometimes need one thing above all: plain language.

THREE - Which hairstyle suits my skin type?

Following on from question two, we are directly at one of our favorite topics at HAARWERK: the holistic view of our clientele.

As far as the cut is concerned, the hair structure plays a central role. For your complexion and eye color, however, we will quickly get to the topic of coloration. Your hairdresser should definitely be able to filter out the optimal color for your skin tone and eye color from the almost infinite range of color nuances. Do you prefer cool, ashen tones? Or does a rich golden tone really make you shine?

If he is a color specialist, you can be sure of a flood of compliments after visiting his salon. Your eyes will shine. Your hair and your skin will form a perfect, wonderful combination.

FOUR - Which hairstyle fits my face shape?

Another argument for choosing a certain hairstyle is your face shape. If your desired hairstyle does not fit your face at all, it is a must that the hairdresser addresses this on his own initiative. Otherwise he will not find a happy customer after the work is done, but only a long face. And that – believe us – is something no hairdresser in this world really wants.

If you have an experienced beauty partner at your side, he will be able to adapt your dream style to your face shape. There is a certain amount of leeway in most cases.

FIVE - I am a mother of three small children. Which hairstyle suits my life?

We see a picture and are thrilled how impeccable and radiant this actress looks at the award ceremony. And we forget that our everyday life is a little less glamorous and that we can’t spend two hours every morning in the bathroom or at the stylist’s. Therefore, a sophisticated look requires the willingness to invest time. If this is not available, it is worth choosing a more practical cut. At this point it should be noted that it would be desirable to give at least a minimum amount of time and dedication to your own look and thus to the afterstyen at home. Just develop a few routines that can be integrated into your everyday life. You will see what a difference this will make in your attitude towards life.

SIX - Which styling aids do I need to have the same hair result at home?

The dear Nachstylen in the home bathroom. Of course, it won’t be every day that the full professional in the salon literally has his fingers in the pie. But if you find out beforehand how you can achieve your desired look at home, you will come a little closer to your beauty goals every day. Practice makes perfect, as is well known.

So ask in the salon for tips and tricks for imitating at home. A good hairdresser is happy to share his wealth of experience with you and will be happy to advise you.

SEVEN - Which care is the best for my hair?

Our customers can tell you a thing or two about it, because we never tire of emphasizing it again and again: the right care is the rocket in the styling universe. Because, above all, it ensures that our hair and color remain shiny and healthy for as long as possible. To ensure this, we have created two extremely high-quality care series: Authentic Blonde and Authentic Caramel. We recommend these to all our customers and have received a lot of positive feedback to date (more about the products can be found in this blog post).

So if you work with a professional hairdresser, he too will have the best products for you on his own initiative.

EIGHT - Which make-up complements my look best?

Hair styling is one side of the (glamorous) coin. The make-up that is optimally matched to it is the other (read this blog post). Your hairstyle will only come to full bloom when it is accompanied by the right make-up. A really good hairdresser will advise you on this point from within. If he or she does not do this, you should definitely talk to him or her. Or come to one of our salons and do the countercheck. We are looking forward to bringing your most beautiful, holistic and individual self to life.