The cold half of the year has begun - make your hair cozy!

The cold half of the year has begun - make your hair cozy!

The transition to the cooler half of the year is always particularly difficult for some people. Not least for skin and hair, different times are now dawning. But don’t worry: with our tips and tricks, you’ll get through the cooler months with ease. Make yourself and your hair cuddly!

Challenges for blonde hair

We humans are also cyclical beings. Therefore, our hair in autumn feels similar to the nature around us. The leaves fall from the trees, everything seems a little duller and more insipid. Fullness? Sweep? That was yesterday.

The heated air in the rooms causes itchy scalp and dry hair. Hats and scarves are an additional strain.

One might think that fall and winter are the enemies of all hairstyles. But that does not have to be! We plead for peace and show you what keeps your hair happy in rain, wind and snow flurries.

Ready for the care!

For the coming months, the motto is: more is more. In the cooler half of the year our hair needs a maximum of care. This is even more important for blond hair than for any other color.

After washing your hair with a shampoo that builds up and is mild and moisturizing at the same time, a high-quality conditioner is a must. In addition, a rich mask that is coordinated with the other care products belongs in your weekly care routine.

Depending on your type, it may make sense to add some hair oil to the lengths – we will discuss this during your next visit to one of our salons. The final touch is a reliable heat protection when blow-drying.

In addition, even if it gets frosty outside, your hair should not be washed too hot during the cold months.

Washed? Well-groomed? Dried? Then let’s get styling!

Clever winter styling for blond hair

Fix your hair quickly with hairspray, put on the cap and go? Better not, otherwise your hair will stick together and be flat and dull afterwards. Because caps & co. steal the volume from your hair. So you better pack your spray in your bag, put on your headgear and liven up your look when you arrive.

Now you shake your hair just above your head and fix it.

Voilà. Now you are heavenly happy with great shine and volume. Despite the cap.

Which headgear stresses my hair the least?

Not only our skin feels wonderfully comfortable with materials such as cashmere and silk – our hair does too. Both materials do not charge the hair electrostatically and thus protect it from another unloved winter phenomenon: flying, disheveled hair. So it is worth investing in a stylish cap.

Are there ingredients that do blonde hair especially well now?

Moisturizing care is essential during the cold season. And without care there is no volume.

Panthenol is an active ingredient that immediately provides blonde hair with optimum moisture and keeps it elastic. An extra portion of care and shine is achieved with luxurious oils, especially coconut and argan oil.

These active ingredients are optimally supplemented by the direct application of keratin proteins to your blonde – for example in the form of a conditioner. The keratin penetrates deep into the hair shaft and repairs existing damage. Citrus oil and frangipani give light hair additional shine, have an antistatic and detangling effect.

Sounds like the perfect plan for your winter hair?

We think so too. We have long tinkered and developed a haircare series especially for you. Just talk to us during your next visit or visit us on the net.

What else can I do to get through the cold half of the year brilliantly?

The best and most effective support for healthy and shiny hair comes from within. Through a balanced, varied diet you optimize your nutrient supply and strengthen your skin and hair sustainably.

The following nutrients have proven to be most effective:

  • Biotin
  • Vitamin A and E
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Zinc
  • Iron

Of course, the following applies especially in winter: You moisturize your skin and hair best from the inside. By drinking lots of water.

Last but not least, good stress management helps you to get through the coming months happily. Include breaks in your everyday life, listen to your body’s needs and plan a pampering session for yourself now and then – for example in HAIRWORK. We are your partners on the way to your most beautiful blonde. Together we will make your dream of healthy, beautiful hair come true. No matter what time of year it is.