The most common mistakes in hair care

The most common mistakes in hair care

When we step out of the door of the hairdressing salon of our choice, fresh and perfectly styled, it is like being woken by the rays of the warm sun after a very relaxing night. You feel as if you could uproot trees. Fresh and beautiful, radiant and somehow more tidy than usual, we go through the next hours, which we experience more intense, colorful and confident. Simply wonderful!

This leads us to the question why we let all these feelings into our lives so rarely. Because (we knew it secretly all along) it is solely up to us. How beautiful we make ourselves. How lovingly we style ourselves. How much we celebrate life. And how often we send our most beautiful self into the world.

A winged word brings it to the point:

And of course, from our point of view, this addition should not be missing:

So let’s go for it. By popular demand we reveal here and now our keypieces for the perfect styling.

1. Keypiece: Washing hair is a question of technique

Close your eyes for a moment and put yourself in the position to have your hair washed at the hairdresser. How does he proceed? What are the individual steps of the washing process?

You have experienced it hundreds of times. And never once implemented at home. Which is not a bad thing. Because hair washing has eventually become a routine like brushing teeth and we no longer worry about whether there is any need for optimization.

But: it will be much nicer if you do it differently from now on. Better. For your hair. For your style. Your soul. That’s why discover the wellness effect when you wash your hair and make it a sensual ritual.

In detail it looks like this:

Your hairdresser will most likely know your hair better than you do. That’s why you should trust him when he recommends a care series that is specially tailored to your needs. Products from drugstores and department stores prove to be counterproductive for healthy, shiny and elastic hair. Especially because most of them pump us full of chemical ingredients.

Our self-developed care series Authentic Blonde and Authentic Caramel continue to convince us the most.

Over time, they bring your hair into a completely new condition, to a new beauty level. We experience it day after day in our salons.

Therefore: use a high-quality shampoo like ours – without silicones and parabens and save on the amount you use per wash. Less is more!

Gently massage the shampoo at the hairline in circular movements and enjoy this soothing moment. The fragrance, the consistency. The knowledge that you are offering your hair just the best that the market has to offer.

By the way: the time of foam mountains on our heads is long gone. Today we are convinced by natural products that contain what is good for us and what we really need: natural and valuable ingredients.

You can safely leave the lengths and tips out, they are automatically cleaned when you wash them out. Now rinse the hair from the scalp to the tips until the water is clear. This will prevent product residues from unnecessarily stressing the hair or scalp.

Do not wash the hair too often. In our experience, the optimal rhythm is every three days, so that the scalp gets the chance to calm down. If you have very greasy hair, Authentic Blonde is the proven product of choice. The lemon components it contains gently degrease hair and scalp and cleanse very naturally.

So far, so good. After cleansing, the care is on the agenda.

2. Keypiece: The perfect care

Again, trust your hairdresser and stick with the recommended care line if you really want to experience a difference in the beauty of your hair.

Use a small amount of conditioner with natural and excellent ingredients, this time working them into the lengths and ends to avoid weighing down the roots.

The conditioner nourishes the sensitive hair after washing and closes the surface. It ensures suppleness, shine and easy combing. Without prolonged exposure time, rinse the conditioner out again with lukewarm water.

Once a week, an additional treatment will fill porous areas and give you extra health, shine and bounce. Unlike most other cures, our paraben- and silicone-free cures can work overnight. They are even supposed to do it, that’s how we have designed them. Why? Because in today’s world we have time for care, especially at night.

So bed yourself soft in the feeling of offering your hair a whole range of healthy nutrients. Your scalp will be soothed and relaxed. Your tips will be lastingly strengthened.

Any remaining components of the treatment are simply washed out the next morning.

You will be amazed how much longer your colored hair will shine!

3. Keypiece: A good brush relaxes your hair

Your hair is much more vulnerable when wet and much less resistant to stress. Especially blonde and colored hair now needs real stroking. Therefore you should never pull too much when combing and always use a brush with rounded bristles that glide flexibly through the hair. Please feel free to inform yourself about our own brushes in our salons – we will give you comprehensive advice!

Many customers are not aware of the fact that they comb from bottom to top, not from the roots into the lengths. Otherwise, long hair in particular can easily break or tear.

4. Keypiece: blow-drying can (and must) be learned

You should not dry the wet hair after washing, but only gently press it into the towel.

Always use a heat protector to protect the softened hair surface from cracking. Never blow-dry too hot!

And use a high-quality brush, as we do in our salons. By the way: blow-drying is a matter of the hair type! Curly hair needs different techniques than straight hair, with fine texture a few blow-dryer tricks will help, which heavy, thick hair does not need. Ask your hairdresser – he will be happy to share his professional tips with you.

Or you can simply drop by directly to let us blow-dry and pamper you. Some exciting news will be waiting for you here soon…

5. Keypiece: Make-up - much more than the icing on the cake

A perfectly styled hairstyle is one thing. And it alone makes a big difference to most people around you.

Your unique appearance is now completed by the right make-up. Talk to us, we at HAARWERK are professionals when it comes to your authentic complete look. This is one of our core competences.

We will be happy to advise you and help you with words and deeds. As always type and trend oriented. And of course full of joy.

Conclusion: In the hours you spend in our salon during your visits, we create the basis for your most beautiful blonde. In all the many hours in between, you yourself create your authentic dream of beautiful hair every day anew.

Now you know how that works. In the future, you will find out how it looks like in the truest sense of the word in even more detail in our blog. Coming soon with clips and tutorials on washing, blow-drying and make-up. May you bring your most radiant self into the world.