The new dimension of Blow Dry Bar

The new dimension of the Blow Dry Bar

A few years ago, the popular hair trend from the USA sloshed over to us: Blow Dry Bars, also known as blow dry bars in this country, which give us the perfect look in passing.

And that’s a good thing too! Because when it comes to styling, German women still play in the regional league rather than the Champions League. But the promotion is announced. Slowly but surely. Today the concept of the Blow Dry Bar is experiencing a new quality. Convince yourself of it.

No cuts. No color. Just Styling.

Where in the past a bad hair day before an important occasion caused worry lines on our forehead, today relaxation is the order of the day. We no longer need a three-hour appointment with the hairdresser, but are transformed in no time. What sounds a little like Cinderella and the fairy is now a living reality. You are Cinderella. We are a team of highly motivated fairies. Without a magic wand, but with a hairdryer and brush. And the fairy dust is included free of charge.

Sounds like a plan? Yes, it is!

No matter if you want a sleek look, a whale mane or artistically pinned up hair – our Blow Dry Menu is your source of inspiration for the most diverse styles. But we will not leave you alone with them. The personal consultation in all our salons is the heart and basis of our work. Before we get involved, we think. Together with you. The reason why you came to us is included in our considerations. What great event would you like to make even more glamorous with your unique appearance? What do you need to feel one hundred percent safe and beautiful?

And – poof! – we have arrived at the actual topic that styling is all about. About the big picture that we see when we look at you: Your personality and your type. This is exactly where HAARWERK makes the difference: we always advise you holistically. With us you will meet styling and make-up professionals who have the same goal as you: To bring your most beautiful self to life. We only let you go when you feel so comfortable with your styling that you will master every occasion with confidence and radiance.

Is a blowout only recommended for special occasions?

That depends entirely on what is a special occasion for you.

A wedding? An opera gala? A romantic dinner? Or perhaps life itself?

We advise you not to let yourself be styled just because a top-class event is coming up. An external driver for a pampering program is a valid reason to visit our Blow Dry Bar and gives you exactly the security you want.

However, it is much more effective for your soul as well to be pampered without any special reason. – Or in other words for the most important reason there can be: because you love each other. Because you love life. And celebrate both. And they do it regularly.

Because it is less a question of individual beauty to continuously do something for yourself. It is rather a question of attitude: am I worth it to bring my whole beautiful self into the world? The answer must be “Yes”, we think!

You will see what an incredible difference it makes when you feel completely safe and comfortable. Every lunch date, every meeting, every meeting with a good friend in a café will be different. Because you feel different. And therefore act differently.

Try it out and tell us how you felt after your visit to our new Munich Blow Dry Bar. Who paid you compliments? What was your new attitude to life like? We will integrate the best comments into our website – we promise!

Perfect blow out styling and make-up in the middle of Munich

Our basic beauty to go concept includes the components washing – blow-drying – styling and gives you a perfectly fitting hairstyle for two to three days. If you wish, you can perfect your look with make-up and a professional manicure. For your well-being and long-term hair health we offer you our luxurious hair treatments.

Whichever package you choose, after a visit to our Blow Dry Bar you will look like a woman who is in control of not only her life but also her styling. Who sparkles with joie de vivre and that is why she is so attractive.

It’s amazing what a little hot air can do.