Why make-up and hair belong together

Why make-up and hair belong together

If you read or hear the biographies of really successful people, almost all of them have one thing in common: they have a regular morning routine. This ritual unmistakably marks the beginning of each day. It is not negotiable in the deal about the arrangement of our daily life time.

Why is this so and what does it have to do with success?

Routines provide security and make us sovereign personalities. They become a lighthouse in a life in which we bear more and more responsibility and are increasingly acting in an externally determined manner. They are our energy filling stations and mark fixed times when we recharge our batteries. To go through every single day successfully and full of energy. To drive our heart projects forward. To make our dreams become reality.

One part of the morning routine is daily styling, which consists of the perfect synergy of make-up and hair styling. We like to tell our customers often and gladly: without type-appropriate make-up, even the hippest cut and the brightest color will not be shown to its fullest advantage. The same applies to make-up, it can be a wonderful match for one’s own type – but without hair styling the wow-effect is missing.

That’s why the following applies: if you make sure you feel good in your own skin all day in the morning, you make more confident decisions. More is seen and heard. And that all day long. If that is not an argument for a Beauty Miracle Morning?

And to make sure it’s really successful, the hottest make-up trends are now available first-hand, matching the December posting about the hair trends 2019. Have fun discovering them!

Healthy Glow

Healthy is he new sexy. The all-over trend this year describes exactly this. In line with the food trends and the omnipresent theme of sustainability, we are currently focusing on invisible make-up, soft colors, fresh cheeks and girlishly shimmering lips.

Glossy Gloss

They immediately transport us back to our school days: transparent glossy lips. In 2019 they will be big again, refreshing our make-up and giving us a youthful, light appearance. How beautiful, almost like back then…


Models such as Cara Delevigne established the trend years ago, and now it has reached its peak for the time being: the natural brow look is no longer limited. Eyebrows in their natural shape and direction of growth are absolutely hip this year. True to the motto: let it grow.

French Lips

It’s like the evergreen French Manicure: classic red lips always look classy, enhance any outfit and look wonderfully sensual – as long as the rest of the make-up is kept off. And that’s where we’ll hit the mark in 2019 anyway, as the next trend suggests…

No Make-up-Look

The year 2019 makes it easy for us: en vogue is an even, but not flawless complexion. The make-up should appear as transparent as possible, only red cheeks provide a fresh appearance.

80ies Eyes

Whether cobalt blue or grass green – the 80s are back. And not only in the choice of color, but also in the application. Eye shadow is applied to the inner corner of the eye, no further make-up is required. Very distinctive, very fairylike! For those who like a few corners and edges better to faces, combine the trend with black kohl. Here, too, we stay in the 80s and apply the finely curved, black line again to the lower lid edge.

Fair enough. But how do I find out which trend suits me and my type best? And which hairstyle is in line with it?

Direct help is provided here by professional advice. We work holistically in all our salons, which means that we do not only advise you on the hottest cut and the right color for your type. But also with your individually perfect make-up. In the same way that we adjust the hair color to your skin tone, this must also be done for make-up.

Four things are very important for an optimal result:

We are independent. Asking your best friend for advice on beauty and styling does not necessarily lead to the best result. She advises them on the basis of her knowledge and above all her own taste. At HAARWERK we look at you completely objectively. Always with the goal of bringing out your most beautiful self. That’s why we set out and have remained true to this goal to this day.

We are highly trained – and we are constantly continuing our education. Not only hair professionals work in our salons. Rather, we afford ourselves the luxury of having specialists on board who deal exclusively with make-up. And not for us. But for you. We are not only professionals when it comes to trends, but also in type consulting. We always and directly pass on the acquired knowledge to our team – by the way the most inquisitive and motivated employees we can imagine.

We advise in harmony with your stage of life. What may sound strange at first is a decisive factor for authentic make-up. A woman in her thirties, for example, has a different appearance than a woman in her forties or fifties. All three can be equally beautiful, glamorous and absolutely attractive. If they have decided on an authentic appearance. If they agree with themselves. The rule of thumb is: in principle, a woman should completely rethink her styling about every ten years and take advantage of the new possibilities that are available to her. To support you in your decision for a suitable styling is our mission.

We know: the basis of make-up determines the result. En détail, this means removing all the tiny, fine hairs from the skin with a thread to create a perfect base before applying the make-up. You think this makes no difference? Then come to us and try it out. You will see how much more noble your entire styling looks in one go. By the way: we now also offer this method in our salon in Berlin and can hardly wait to convince you of the great results.

One question remains: how do I combine an up-to-date make-up with a trendy hairstyle?

Type-appropriate is the magic word here. And a little feeling for the right measure. As mentioned at the beginning, we always give our customers holistic advice in our HAIRWORK salons and include contemporary make-up alongside current hair trends. Therefore, simply contact us at your next visit. We will definitely find the optimal styling for your individual type.

So that your morning routine will bring you one thing above all else besides security and self-confidence: joy. All day long. Then comes the optimal styling of the inner glow. And the result? Simply WOW!